It is always a joyful occasion for a parish that has been without full-time ministry to have a new minister. The vacant parish of Horsham-Marnoo has a new minister. On Thursday 15th January the presbytery of Ballarat travelled to Horsham for the glad task of appointing the Rev Luke Isham to the parish. Horsham, as a congregation, is looking forward not only to Luke’s ministry but to a new assessment of its place and witness in Horsham, the community, and to the leadership their new minister will provide in this.

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As you know the ALP is intentionally trying to restrict the freedom of independent schools to teach according to their ethics and ethos. 

The first attack regards our ability to hire teachers who hold to our values and beliefs. As you know, they are proposing to reinstate the 'Inherent Requirement' test for employment in schools. That is, if you advertise for a maths teacher, then maths is the inherent requirement for that role, discriminating on other issues (belief or sexuality) would be unlawful. 
The second attack relates to school funding. A draft Bill is being debated today to give the minister the right to vary funding to our independent schools if he believes our schools refuse to comply with reasonable conditions or policies (think the pro homosexual - safe schools program). 
Will you pray to the Lord that he would work in such a way that the magistrate would do what all good magistrates do, suppress evil and promote good. In my view (and I do not say this lightly) the current proposals do not meet that criteria of good governance, and we can not support it.
Below is a recent letter we sent to the Minister of Education and the Premier articulating our concerns. You could do similar, and encourage your congregation likewise. However, the most important thing you can do is pray, after all, only the Lord changes hearts and minds.

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Geelong West Presbyterian Church held our annual Summer Holiday Program in January. We ran a program called ‘Epic Explorers’ which is the children’s edition of the Christianity Explored series.* Over five mornings, the children looked at passages from Mark’s Gospel and discovered who Jesus is as they heard how he called his disciples, performed miracles, showed his authority and revealed himself to be the Son of God. They then learnt about why Jesus came, explored the problem of sin and the offer of forgiveness.

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In November 2014, a team of twelve students and staff workers from the Deakin University Christian Union came to Surrey Hills for five days to partner with our church in reaching our community for Christ. Having experienced the joy, excitement and challenge of being on several NTE missions during my time at RMIT, I was keen for our church to participate in hosting a NTE mission team. In God’s providence, we have our own Deakin Uni Christian Union Campus Director, so it was easy to organise.

It was such a great joy to see the enthusiasm of the young men and women keen to be exposed and involved in the various ministries of our church. In partnership with our church, the team visited a retirement home, boldly went around our neighbourhood door-knocking and looking for opportunities to share Jesus, and invited the community to our Christmas events. They were also involved in our Playgroup, our Christianity Explored course, outreach BBQ event at Mont Albert, many growth groups throughout the week, led our youth group, participated in our ‘Man vs. Food’ evangelistic/cooking event, helped with our Sunday school and both Sunday services. The mission presented a great opportunity for the team to see from the inside the workings of our church and to gain valuable ministry experience.

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Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
The Presbyterian Church of Victoria invites applications for the position of Administrative Assistant/Receptionist working in the office of the General Assembly which is located in the Melbourne CBD.  The position is for 4 or 5 days a week. The primary responsibilities are to provide secretarial support to the Clerk of Assembly and the General Manager; and other administrative functions within the office.

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