Friends, PYV is delighted to host a training event on May 6 with Tim Hawkins. Many will know Tim as the writer of "Fruit that will last" and "Disciples who will last" and other great books. At this event, Tim will speak on "Surviving the five stages of youth ministry". If you're in youth ministry, and you want to be there long term - which is how you can make the greatest impact - then this will be good for you to come to.

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The Social Services Committee (Kirkbrae’s Board) is pleased to announce that:


is the successful tenderer and has been contracted to build eight seniors’ apartments and an administration building at Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes in Kilsyth.

The Convenor of the Social Services Committee, Mr Robert Lowe, commented: “The committee is delighted that work can commence on the redevelopment. It has taken five years of hard work to reach this decision”.

Preliminary meetings with the builder will occur next week to plan for the commencement of construction works during the following weeks. It is anticipated that the construction will take 200 days with the two building compounds operating simultaneously.

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A reminder that our first short course for the year has begun!
This course is one of two the PTC runs each year that can be taken as part of the ACT Certificate – the Australian Studies in Theology Certificate (ASTC).
This course can also be taken by those who just want to sit and listen (audit), and use the knowledge for their own personal growth.
Even though the course has already begun, anyone is welcome to attend any number of the remaining sessions. Andrew Vines has extensive experience on these issues - issues that are large in all of our lives today.
Please see below for the full program:

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The Exit Students Committee invites PCV parishes to apply for an Exit Appointment.

We anticipate making at least three exit appointments of graduating students to congregations later this year, to commence their appointments in 2016.
We would appreciate an indication of interest in an appointment from all interested parishes as soon as possible, and by Friday 22nd of May at the latest.   We have a form for this purpose.  Please use the MDC Office at the Assembly Hall as your point of contact. 

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"Friends of Malawi" at Cheltenham, 8A Park Rd, on April 12th at 2pm.
Invitation from Right Rev David Brown and Mrs Roslyn Brown, following their recent moderatorial trip to Malawi, and the congregation at Cheltenham. Refreshments provided, including tea from Malawi.

The picture below is of Moderator Rt Rev David Brown at Domasi Mission, Malawi

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